The idea for Trillium began after the owners mom was diagnosed with an incurable cancer.  Co-Owners Renee and Peter Teller traveled the country looking for answers since conventional medicine had no options.  They were educated as a result in naturopathic remedies and had a burning passion to tell others about what they learned. Renee’s sister Barb was working for a company whose owner hired her to put his 12,000 employees on a wellness program.  But her passion for her mom’s cause and for using her own ideas to change people’s lives propelled her to join her sister at Trillium.


Trillium opened in October, 1999 with a focus on the whole person, body, mind and spirit.  The important aspects of wellness are far more than body beautiful and Trillium quickly became a safe haven for individuals with many different issues and ailments.  It became a place where people could work on every aspect of their well-being.


The passion to change many lives became more difficult and the goals of Barb and Renee to reach thousands were harder to achieve.  They needed to find a new way to get the Trillium message to people.  So after an all night brainstorm Barb and Renee came up with the Trillium Loser Program.


In 2006, the Trillium Loser Program was created to help the increasingly overweight American population find an answer to their weight and health challenges.  Trillium came up with the formula for success by mixing together the accountability of a team, with the professional knowledge of the best trainers.


Trillium adds a registered dietitian to the already amazing staff.  This now completes the circle in providing members with solutions in the area of exercise and nutrition.


Trillium Fitness Center introduces the F.I.T. Program.  The F.I.T. Program is a high intensity, next-level training program that increases athletic ability and helps members achieve amazing results in fat-loss and muscle toning.  This program finally gives the people that graduate from the Loser Program a more challenging option that could put them in the best shape of their life!


Trillium continues to expand programs and offers programs like the Running Program & Triathlon Program.

At Trillium, we’re focused on the well-being of the whole person. Our professional trainers will work with you to meet your fitness and wellness goals. We offer a state-of-the-art fitness center with Les Mills group fitness classes, nutritional guidance and products, and individualized programs.


Celebrating 15 years, Trillium is thriving and continues to change lives.