fit strong

GET FIT! In this intense twelve week program.

The Trillium F.I.T. Program is a 12-week intense training program that focuses on personal performance and athletic achievement. Trillium F.I.T. Program was developed as the next step in fitness development for people graduating from The Loser Program. It includes the same high quality, professional coaching as The Loser Program, but shifts focus to human performance and personal athletic achievement.  We help you set goals, map out a plan, and constantly monitor your progress to ensure success.

Who should join?

Anyone who wants to become more athletic:  

The Trillium F.I.T. Program has a heavy focus on improving human performance. Developing strength and endurance, while keeping you healthy and injury free is the main focus of the program.

Anyone that wants more energy:

By improving your strength and endurance, your body will become more efficient giving you more energy to experience the joy of an active lifestyle.

Anyone who wants to get muscle tone:

The performance training that you will experience in The Trillium F.I.T. Program will help you burn fat and tone your muscles.

Anyone who wants more confidence:  

Being stronger, healthier and more fit will help you be more confident and motivate you to live an active lifestyle.



Trillium's Fit Program