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Solutions for moving better and feeling healthier

Trillium Sport & Fitness has an array of programs designed to help you reach your fitness goals. We feature highly educated Certified Trainers, scientifically proven programs, a supportive community and new state of the art 18,000 sq ft facility.

Total Transformation Program

The Trillium Total Transformation program (Formerly known as the Loser Program) is a fast paced 12-week health, wellness and weight loss experience that combines motivational team workouts and healthy eating strategies. This amazing combination will help you achieve your goals and create a happy, healthy body.

Fit 4 Life

This program will develop your strength, flexibility, mobility and cardiovascular fitness. Fit 4 Life is designed to cater to your long-term health and fitness needs. This Fun, Safe, Effective and Sustainable program is "Beyond Just A Workout."

Optimal Life

The main focus of the Optimal Life program is to strategically help improve eating habits within the context of your day to day life. Results last because it is built around sustainable habits, daily feedback, simple lessons and regular progress checks.


This 30 day high intensity cardio program is designed to get you moving. Together with Trillium’s trained staff, you will create and execute a game plan to increase your personal fitness level and ignite your body’s fat burning potential.

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