move-it HIIT boot camp


MOVE IT is a high-intensity interval training boot camp that hits calories hard during and after you work out. The intensity ramps up quickly in the session and delivers a big metabolic effect to go on burning calories while you carry on with your day.

What Happens in a Move It Session?

You’ll have to work hard – to push your heart rate above 80% - but MOVE IT makes it fun. You’ll get a whole range of innovative functional training equipment to use. (And some essential rest periods!)

Sessions are fast paced, competitive, and more varied than other workouts. You’ll enjoy a great calorie-burning hit and a big after-session buzz.

Who is Move It For?

You can enjoy the shared group training experience, whatever your level. Train to your own ability. MOVE IT up a level when you’re ready.

The harder you work the greater the results will be.



  • Improved muscular endurance.
  • Improved aerobic threshold and cardio fitness for greater everyday fitness.
  • A great post-exercise EPOC calorie burn (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) which means you burn calories during and after your workout.


MoveIT: 60 

This 60 minute workout will fit perfectly into your busy schedule wether you like early morning, after work, or Saturday morning workouts...this monthly program of unlimited workouts lets you train on your schedule.

 workout                                  sessions: 

      Monday & Wednesday

                    4:30 pm  &  5:30 pm


      Tuesday & Thursday

                              5:30 pm



                                    8:30 am