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Did you know Trillium is home to many people who have disabilities in our community?

Did you know 15% of the global population lives with some form of a disability, including 61 million adults in the US according to the CDC in 2022.

That includes people with intellectual and physical disabilities, as well as those with developmental disabilities such as Autism, which is the world's fastest growing developmental disability (Geslak 2022).

One study found that 31.8% of adolescents with Autism has Obesity. (Phillips et al, 2014).

Why is this?"

The answer is both simple and complex: a lack of access.

Trillium has bridged that gap of access to become a place where all people are welcome.

We are humbled to be blessed to work with those with disabilities in order to improve their physical and mental health.

Enable - Encourage - Empower

Unlock your potential

Movement based training for all abilities. You will benefit from our equipment, which provides a safe physical outlet while boosting self-esteem and confidence, building your range of motion, and improving your physical fitness. Goals of increased strength, motor planning and motor coordination are achieved through patience, understanding, and training.

One on One Personal          Group Training (2-3 participants)

   One Thirty Minute Session $40                        Five Thirty Minute Sessions $125*

  Ten Thirty Minute Sessions $350                      Ten Thirty Minute Sessions $250*

                                                                                                  * Package prices are per person