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Optimal Life is a 12 week mind, body and soul transformation

The main focus of the Optimal Life program is to strategically help improve eating habits within the context of your day to day life. Results last because it is built around sustainable habits, daily feedback, simple lessons and regular progress checks. This will change the way you look at life, food and address your psychological and emotional attraction to food.

Your coach will make home visits, help you clean out your pantry and take you shopping.

In the process of helping people lose 65000 lbs., we realized the importance of the emotional, physical, mental, and nutritional connections. Our Optimal Life Program addresses all aspects of these connections. For many people, their fitness and wellness programs look like a roller coaster of successes and set-backs. The Optimal Life Program turns mountains into molehills, because we are with you every step of the way. For 20 years we have held people’s hands and helped them stay the course on their fitness journey. You can feel the tension and stress leaving people’s bodies each week as they achieve more and more success.

You will receive individualized instruction from Certified and Degreed Professional Trainers using customized modifications to fit your specific goals and needs.

You’ve probably been wondering when you’ll get back to a good fitness routine again. You’ve likely longed for a safe program that addresses your physical, mental, nutritional, and emotional well-being. We will meet you where you are and help you continually increase your overall fitness.