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Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, Front desk Associate


Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, Front desk Associate

After having spent 34 years as a licensed CPA Ant retired to join the Trillium fitness team to follow her new passion - fitness.  She was moved to work for Barb because of the impact Trillium had on her  life.  " I walked into Trillium weighing in excess of 300 pounds and reliant on blood pressure medication and a host of other drugs to keep me alive.  Then I joined the loser program after much prodding from a dear friend.  From there my life changed dramatically. I went from being a spectator in my life to being one actively involved with doing Triathlons, cycling and half marathons."

She became a certified Precision Nutrition Coach to help people learn the tools they need to eat healthier, lose weight, and live a healthier lifestyle.  It is now become her life’s ambition to give back to the Trillium community and its clients just as it had been done for her. "I knew I could help others with the struggle of losing weight because I have been in their shoes."