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Front Desk Manager and Marketing Team


Front Desk Manager and Marketing Team

Patty is a beach girl at heart.  She loves the sun and the great outdoors. She grew up in Virginia Beach Va., and attended Old Dominion University.  Patty taught and coached, women’s gymnastics for both the City of Va. Beach and private clubs.  She also actively participated and helped coordinate the annual Neptune Arts Festival for 8 years before moving to Syracuse NY in 2000.  Patty has been with Trillium since 2008, and has been leading Trillium’s in-house print and digital marketing with everything from designing logos, to ongoing promotional campaigns.  Finally realizing her life at the computer was slowly catching up to her...Patty did the Loser Program in 2022.  For her it was about moving again, and not just heading home at the end of her day.  "Working out in a small group was fun.  I laughed, worked out, and yes lost some weight.  Running on a treadmill just doesn't motivate me, but rowing next to someone to beat them in a race...YEP, that was motivation.  Don't get me wrong it was a challenge, but first and foremost it was fun working out again.  I had such a great experience, I'm doing the program again!"