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Les Mills Certified Instructor BodyPump


Les Mills Certified Instructor BodyPump

Shyla's health journey started when at age 19 she learned about her father's passing  and went through a difficult time which resulted in failing the Army PT (physical training) test and weight standards. While on probation she began practicing more discipline in her workouts to lose the weight and stay in service. It was during this time where she fell in love with long distance running which helped develop a determined spirit in life's daily battles and renewed mindset. Since then she has completed 8 half marathons, is blessed with a beautiful family of two boys and continues to live a physically and spiritually fit lifestyle while serving with her husband in a local CNY church. In 2020 due to the pandemic she saw an opportunity to become a certified LesMills BodyPump instructor where her energizing spirit and joyful voice lifts others up while they push themselves in class each week.