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Les Mills Certified Instructor BodyCombat, CORE


Les Mills Certified Instructor BodyCombat, CORE

During Zora’s school years she was part of team sports and group exercise while getting her Master’s Degree in Public Health from Drexel University . Zora fell in love with the Les Mills BodyCombat class as a stress reliever while studying public health in graduate school. The instructors encouraged her to get certified in BodyCombat and later in Core. She loves sharing with others the triumphant feeling of accomplishing a goal. Her training style is built on perseverance and empowerment. In her professional life she has achieved the national standard on health education. Zora’s Les Mills certifications along with her professional credentials allow her to create a unique style of health promotion. Zora’s passion for health education and promotion undergirds her approach to fitness instruction. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring New York State parks, trying new foods, and spending time with family.