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Why Working Out Together Works Wonders

Research shows that if we work out in a group, we are far more likely to stick at exercise than if we go it alone. A new study reveals why.

BODYPUMP and Bone Density

Strong muscles are just the beginning... research shows how to build strong bones too

My First Time: BODYPUMP

Will Macdonald is an intrepid exercise explorer embarking on a personal fitness mission to try and report back on every LES MILLS workout – starting with BODYPUMP. Find out how he got on …

How to get the most out of your Protein Intake

What are BCAAs and why do we need to understand their importance to ensure we are getting the right kind, and amount, of protein?

The Scientific Approach to Cardio Training

Forget mindlessly pounding the pavement or relentlessly revving the rower, if you want to get the most from your cardio training you need to take a scientific approach. That’s where Cardio Peak Training comes in.

The Misconceptions Around Massage

Ever been told a massage will help after a particularly brutal workout? Or maybe you’ve heard that massage increases your joint mobility, lowers your risk of injury or reduces your recovery time. So what’s the truth?

Should you be Working Out More?

Forget spending hours excessively exercising, we’ve got more evidence that maximizing the time you spend working out won’t fast-track your fitness. It’s quality over quantity that gets results.

Revealed: The Best Exercise for Staying Young

Forget growing old gracefully. New research suggests that you can party your way to good brain health – and that pulling out your freshest dance moves could be the secret to defying time.

The Amazing Link Between Mindfulness and Muscle

A recent 400-person trial has shown potentially strong connections between mindfulness and levels of exercise.

Train Your Brain to Keep it Young and Fit

Research clearly shows that a combination of mental and physical exercise, stress reduction and a healthy diet, will improve brain function and protect against decline as we age.

Why the Squat Burpee Beats the Rest

With the recent explosion of high-intensity exercise, burpees are everywhere – and they come in all shapes and sizes. Here we explain why opting for the squat burpee is your best bet.

Staying Fit - Right Down to the Bone

When it comes to long term health and wellness, it pays to remember what it all hangs on – literally. Here’s what you need to know about the role calcium plays in looking after your inner self.

Music, Mind, and Muscle: How it Works

For many people, listening to music is an essential part of exercising – it motivates, helps us maintain or increase our pace, makes working out more fun, sometimes less painful. Now science is beginning to uncover exactly how why this happens.

Measuring the Benefits of Non-Dairy Milks

Sales of milk alternatives are booming worldwide, but what do you need to know about their nutritional value and supposed health benefits?